About fencing


Fencing is the art and sport of fighting with swords. It combines many element of physical and mental control, developing fitness, technique, co-ordination, tactical thinking, problem solving, distance appreciation and reflexes. It is often described as a game of chess at lightning speed, employing deception, traps, intimidation and a host of other tactical and psychological aspects. It’s an exciting and competitive sport, suitable for both men and women of any age. By its very nature fencing necessitates the use of skill, timing and technique over brute strength, allowing everybody to compete on equal terms, regardless of age, sex or stature.

Fencing comprises of three weapon categories: Foil, Epée and Sabre. Foil and Epée are stabbing weapons where only hits with the point can score, in Sabre cuts with the edge of the blade also score. Foil and Sabre are governed by a set of rules known as ‘right of way’, whereas Epée is judged purely on who hits first.

Fencing is a modern Olympic sport and is one of only three that has been in every modern Olympic Games. Below is coverage from the 2006 World Championships.